About Energyst Media

energyst_media_logoEnergyst Media was founded by The Energyst (formerly Water Energy & Environment) magazine Editor, Tim McManan-Smith, and Sales Director, Steve Swaine and is a specialist publisher within the energy and power sectors providing readers with information, knowledge and guidance in optimising critical sites, energy procurement, energy efficiency and water efficiency.

Mission Critical Power magazine is the most recent launch from Energyst Media. It specialises in efficient optimisation of critical sites giving advice on resilience, maximum uptime and lowering the costs of this. It is read by Data Centre, Energy, Facilities and Building Service Managers and Directors among others whose function to to keep a site running effectively while ensuring availability.

Energyst Media also publishes the market leading energy magazine The Energyst which is an essential read for Energy, Facilities and Building Service Managers and Directors within the UK’s Industrial, Commercial and Public Sector Industries. The Energyst features the latest energy technology and strategies along with articles on legislative and policy changes. It has a firm footing in economic reality, investigating new technologies and services that inform businesses on reducing costs and achieving compliance. 

We also publish market intelligence reports, copies of which can be found under our digital editions section.

Company details:

Energyst Media Ltd : PO BOX 420 : Reigate : RH2 2DU

Company Number : 08667229 : VAT Registration 171646600