Award win for UBS data centre project


Ebm-papst UK has been recognised at the PFM Awards Partners in Facilities Technology category for its partnership on the UBS Data Centre Energy Technology Project with CBRE and Vertiv.

James Cooper, product manager for Ebm-papst UK, said: “This partnership project was an excellent example of how upgrading from AC to EC technology can impact on energy, carbon and CO was a hugely successful collaboration between the three organisations and a testament to the expertise and technical skills of the project management teams.”

Ebm-papst, collaborated with CBRE and Vertiv to review energy efficiency at three of Global Banking Group UBS’s London-based data centres. Ebm-papst undertook an initial site survey to review the types of CRAC units being used and the potential solutions that were needed, along with an estimation of
the payback period. The units that were in place before the project were chilled water with an optional switch to lower performance and utilised AC fan technology.

In order to improve efficiency, Ebm-papst recommended upgrading the equipment with EC fan technology. Based on the survey results, a trial was then agreed on a single 10UC and 14UC CRAC unit to establish actual performance and energy savings. Data was logged before the upgrade and again once the trial units were converted from AC to EC.

Since completion, significant savings have been made:
• Energy saving – 10,657MWh • Financial saving – £667,836
• CO2 saving – 5,229 tonnes

The EC fans from Ebm- papst have continued to deliver energy savings, through increased reliability, resulting in a reduced maintenance burden for CBRE and UBS.


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