Data centre cooling market shows promising growth


The global data centre cooling market is predicted to show promising growth at CAGR 14.95% in the period up to 2023, according to the latest market intelligence. According to OBRC Analysis, environmental control accounts for an average 20% of total data centre support infrastructure cost. Data centre environment control framework places an important role in maintaining temperature, humidity and air quality within data centre for optimal performance. Hence, investments in data centre cooling facility is of prime importance for data centre operations.

The market is being fuelled by demand for: cloud computing and big data solutions, efficient data centres, cost effective and sustainable solutions, the increasing number of data centres, as well as regulatory compliance.

Cloud computing is driving IT industry across all sectors by offering mobility, on demand scalability, cost effective solutions, shifting enterprise focus on operational expenditure (OPEX) from traditional capital expenditure (CAPEX) and offering uninterrupted business process. According to OBRC’s estimate, global cloud computing expenditure is expected to rise six times that of conventional IT spending. OBRC estimates global cloud computing market to reach revenue of $161.8 billion by 2020, with year-on-year increases of 18.8%. According to the OBRC technology survey more than 72% Chief Financial Officers from technology companies are looking forward to making significant investment in cloud computing by 2019.

With increasing adoption of cloud computing, demand for IT infrastructure products for deployment in cloud environments are anticipated to increase year on year by 15%. The Asia Pacific cloud computing market is forecasted to grow fastest at 28% per annum till 2022. The growth is led by the high adoption rate of big data and analytics services, increasing IT infrastructure investment, increasing internet penetration, and adoption of cloud computing across all sectors.

North America and Europe together dominate the data centre cooling market in terms of revenue and technology adoption. Presence of huge data centres, high adoption of data centre cooling technologies, the growing cloud computing market, a high degree of data traffic and regulatory compliance are the factors driving the data centre cooling market in North America and Europe. According to OBRC studies, North America hosts more than 42% of the global colocation operations, thus requiring a presence of large data centres.



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