Data centres hit by power outages


Outages at data centres continue to hit businesses, resulting in damage to brand reputations and financial losses. Insurance software house SSP Worldwide recently came under fire for a series of failures, causing disruption to service users, and the company was quick to blame the data centre for its latest downtime. A co-location provider experienced a power outage that left customers unable to access SSP’s cloud-based insurance software services, on 19 January, which SSP attributed to engineers “carrying out routine maintenance” at the data centre site.

This latest issue is not an isolated case, however – the broking cloud platform, used to issue quotes and track customer policy renewals, experienced a series of incidents throughout August, September and November of last year. (Source: Computer Weekly). This latest power outage clearly enraged its customers, who were unable to trade, as a result, and freely voiced their displeasure on Twitter.

A previous report by the Ponemon Institute suggested that the average cost of a single data centre outage is about $730,000 (£581,000) – an increase of 38% since 2010. The increase in the maximum downtime cost (£1,918,254) was even greater, climbing 81% over the same time period.  However, the potential scale of losses for individual organisations can be staggering – last year, Delta Airlines suffered a data centre outage that caused days of delays and disruption for its passengers, resulting in a loss of $150m (£119m).


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