Is the DCIM market reaching a crisis point?


In 2010, research and advisory firm, Gartner, predicted that by 2014, penetration of the data centre infrastructure management (DCIM) market would be up to 60%. However, in 2015, the Uptime Institute data centre survey showed that only 27% of those surveyed had purchased a commercial DCIM solution.

To address some of the challenges relating to implementation and market adoption, the DCIM Deliberations Working Group was established with the Data Centre Alliance to ascertain the direction that the DCIM industry should take and to tackle the challenges ahead.

Venessa Moffat, from the DCIM Deliberations Working Group, has pointed out that markets are generally considered mature “when all the vendors offer a cohesive message about what the type of product or service offers.” With DCIM, this is still not the case even after several years of it being around and, with many incidences of failed projects, the DCIM Deliberations Working Group is seeking to identify a way forward for end users and vendors alike.

To gain further insight into the issues, learn from the industry’s collective experiences of implementing DCIM, as well as to understand the reasons why it hasn’t happened, the DCIM Deliberations Working Group is conducting a survey. To take part and share your views and experiences (both good and bad), visit:

For more information on the initiative, visit:


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