Demand-side response and battery storage: Give us your views

Are you involved in demand-side response provision; are you considering how to monetise flexible energy consumption, or whether to invest in battery storage?

Mission Critical Power and The Energyst need your views, positive and negative, for the 2017 Demand-Side Response report. Please take a short survey and help us compile a snapshot of DSR and battery storage from an end user perspective. Take the survey here.

If you are not currently involved in demand response, we would like to understand why not, and what suppliers and aggregators might do better in order to bring more businesses into balancing markets.

The findings will be published on 7 September at the DSR Event in London.

Representatives from sponsors National Grid, BIU, Engie, Enernoc, Eon, G59 Professional Services, Restore, UK Power Reserve and Total will discuss challenges and opportunities for flexible power providers at the conference, which is free for end users providing or considering providing demand-side response. Event sponsors will be joined by from public and private sector organisations who will share insights from their experiences of DSR provision. Battery storage firms will also outline routes to market, revenues and returns across standalone, co-located and behind the meter projects.

Click here to register your interest.

Ahead of the report and conference, the survey will run online for May and June. It should take between five to seven minutes to complete, depending upon your involvement and interest in DSR and batteries.

All those who take the survey will receive a digital or hard copy of the report as soon as it is published.


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