Eaton joins research campus to drive energy innovation


Eaton has joined the Low-Voltage (LV) Consortium of FEN Research Campus as a new industrial partner dedicated to innovative energy projects. Eaton will contribute to the research and development activities of the LV Consortium, in which 13 industrial partners and 15 institutes of RWTH Aachen University are working together on future power grids.

Eaton produces electrical components and systems for power distribution and automation in industry, infrastructure and residential buildings. The move is a cross-business initiative for Eaton where individuals from Eaton European Innovation Centre, power distribution, energy storage, industrial controls and protection, eMobility and power quality divisions will come together to tackle one of the most important topics in energy today.

FEN Research Campus is an international initiative that brings together major corporate entities alongside professors from Germany’s top technical university to research and develop new lower voltage power systems. As more renewable power and new technologies such as energy storage systems enters the energy mix, a shift towards a lower voltage power system is essential. This collaboration is a key step towards this shift and part of a wider set of projects Eaton has been working on focused on energy innovation.

Engelbert Hetzmannseder, director Eaton European Innovation Centre, said: “As the microgrid and energy storage market continues to develop to meet increasing power demands, new models to deliver a more renewable mix are emerging. Joining FEN puts us firmly at the heart of energy innovation, alongside other industry leaders. The move will enable Eaton to shape the development of this exciting shift to decentralised cleaner energy systems that have the potential to transform the global energy landscape. Eaton’s membership with FEN allows some of our most curious minds to develop solutions that will help reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions globally, while increasing productivity and profitability – directly contributing to an improved quality of life and environment for everyone.”



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