Free report: How businesses plan to deploy battery storage


A new report on Battery Storage has been published by The Energyst, the sister title of Mission Critical Power magazine. Based on the views of 50 public and private sector organisations considering battery storage, the report also contains insight from suppliers, aggregators and electricity system operator, National Grid.

The survey finds significant appetite for storage, largely behind the meter, often to be used in conjunction with other forms of generation, such as solar PV, back-up generators and CHP.

However, barriers to deployment are the same as those cited in the 2017 survey: insufficient visibility on revenue streams and unstable policy and regulation. While the 2018 survey is largely based on a different sample to 2017, concern about these aspects appears to have increased over the last 12 months.

Despite ongoing market change, suppliers and aggregators that sponsored the report believe the direction of travel is positive and that revenue opportunities are emerging that potentially outweigh those that are being removed or that are under review.

The report is sponsored by ESO National Grid, Eon, Flexitricity, GridBeyond and Npower. Download it free of charge, here.


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