Growing interest in artificial intelligence in the data centre sector


Datacloud Europe will explore the potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the data centre industry during a special Disruption and Data Centres session in Monaco June 6-8th 2017. AI is being developed in conjunction with data centre infrastructure management (DCIM) technologies to analyse power, cooling and capacity as well as the overall health and status of systems in data centre computing environments. Many hyperscale data centre providers, including Amazon, Facebook, Google and Microsoft are experimenting with AI systems for energy efficiency improvements or problem solving within complex data centre infrastructures.

“The potential for AI to cut the power consumption of datacentres is an area of growing interest in the industry after Google’s machine-learning trial with Deepmind, the British AI company it bought in 2014, proved it was possible to cut the total energy usage at the technology-giant’s vast data centres fleet by 15%,” commented Philip Low, chairman BroadGroup. “Datacloud Europe plans to take the conversation one step further and explore how AI might affect the way IT is delivered and its likely impact on the enterprise”.

The special Disruption and Data Centres session on AI use in the data centre will be presented by Mark Thiele, chief strategy officer Apcera in the central theatre on the 7th June 2017.

“AI has the double-edged potential to create a true brain for the data centre and associated demand management and placement while at the same time driving much of the new demand for services. As new business models are created through the use of AI you can be certain that there will be an associated impact on data centre demand,” added Mark Thiele, chief strategy officer Apcera. “As the volume of demand increases in combination with the assumption of best placement, most efficient use, being green and cost effective all in real time it will become even more critical that what happens in the data centre be driven by realtime automated decision making and enablement through AI. How you deploy, where you deploy, when you deploy, how long you stay there, will all be decided by AI and going forward this has enormous ramifications for how we plan.”

Datacloud Europe 2017 will feature 180 expert speakers addressing hot topics including blockchain, open source, data centre automation, software defined everything, data analytics – and emergence of “fast data”, Internet of Everything, artificial intelligence and VR, webscale impact, modular, use of edge computing within the IoE environment, and finance and investment.


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