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DSE-8660-MKII-Shot7Read all about DSE’s new controls modules in this advertorial.

DSE has been designing and manufacturing control systems for the power industry for over 40 years and the name has become synonymous with quality, reliability and user-friendly operation. Our reputation has been built on past successes but the secret of our continued success lies in the excellence of our product developments.

The new family of synchronising and load sharing control modules; DSE8610MKII and DSE8660MKII, offer powerful control solutions for applications across many diverse industries. Built on the platform of the highly successful MKI versions, the modules have been designed with a powerful new dual core main processor and double the memory to facilitate even greater performance.

Incorporating all the sophisticated engine, power and system monitoring, protection and control features of the MKI counterparts, many additional features have been added:

  • Full Tier IV engine support
  • Sophisticated emission control with DPF regeneration and soot capture
  • User definable start-up screen for customer logos
  • DTC display allowing visibility of current and historic alarms in the ECU memory
  • Auto voltage sensing with alternative configuration
  • Sophisticated data logging + many more features

With a high level of flexibility for trips, alarms and warnings, settings are changed using the user-friendly DSE Configuration Suite PC software, which is provided free of charge. Sophisticated remote communications and integration options are included via Ethernet, RS485 and RS232 making the modules suitable for the high demands of modern industries such as data centres, telecoms, airports, hospitals etc.

The compete range of DSE products comprises:

DSEGenset – Control modules for generator sets including multi-set synchonising and single set systems, and mains (utility) control and monitoring.

DSEATS – Control modules for automatic load transfer including multi-load and multi-source applications.

DSEPower – Intelligent battery chargers and switch mode chargers including high amp output chargers for UPS systems.

For the full range of products and for the most up-to-date information on DSE control solutions, please refer to

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