Rittal offers free cooling equipment survey


Users of Rittal enclosure cooling technology are being offered free on-site inspection surveys to ensure that their production and process critical equipment is being adequately protected.

The offer is available for a limited period and extends to any business with Rittal climate control installations, ranging from top therm, roof mounted fans, to Blue e or Blue e+ cooling units, all of which manage the temperature inside their enclosures.  The user does not have to have previously registered with Rittal for their cooling units to qualify.

Excessive temperature or overheating in an electrical enclosure means that enclosure cooling is very important for a number of reasons:

  • Unplanned interruptions to production due to tripping or failing control components are costly
  • Excessive temperature affects the correct operation and service life of electrical equipment
  • High temperatures that lead to tripping or failing control components are avoidable
  • 80% of control component failures may be addressed with a suitable cooling solution

Marketing director, Simon Kelemen commented: “The costs of downtime, loss of production and system shut-down due to equipment running over temperature can easily exceed £10,000 per hour.  I don’t know any businesses that would be happy to right that off, particularly as it’s entirely avoidable.”



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