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Socomec gives the lowdown on a handful of its latest solutions in this sponsored post.

Critical buildings and facilities managers are challenged with constantly evolving demands on energy efficiency and availability. Demands upon IT capacity are relentless and often unpredictable. Data centres face constant pressure to adapt to these requirements.

Flexibility is vital in order to address short-term capacity requirements while meeting longer term growth requirements –a one size fits all solution is too rigid to meet the ever changing remit of a hard working electrical infrastructure.

The optimisation of critical power availability and protection of vital assets requires a careful balancing act between the changing power demands in a building with the provision of greener, cleaner power. Furthermore, rising energy costs and premiums on floor space mean that power density is at the forefront of every organisation’s concerns.

The critical power specialist, Socomec, has developed a broad range of integrated products and services to address four of the most important and topical power issues: availability, efficiency, capacity and flexibility – as well as Total Cost of Ownership.

Accurate measurement = effective management

Effective energy management starts with the accurate metering, measuring and monitoring of energy usage. DIRIS Digiware brings together digital electrical measuring technology – from sensors to software – to deliver high flexibility. The modular fully digital, multi-circuit plug and play measurement concept comprises a display unit, voltage measurement module and multiple current measurement modules and current sensors as standard.

Socomec Modulys GP2.0 – in-built flexibility

Socomec’s Modulys Green Power UPS – designed for complete vertical and horizontal modularity and scalability – can handle the most demanding critical IT applications and data centres. The range delivers power scalability up to 600kW, making it suitable for unscheduled site upgrades or incremental power evolutions.

High Power Solutions- Green Power up to 800kW

Socomec’s Green Power 2.0 – a transformerless unit – combines energy efficiency with unity power to provide the ultimate “future-proof” critical power solution. Available from 160kVA to 800kVA a combined focus on performance and efficiency, energy costs and operating expenditure is minimised, says Socamec, and uptime is maximised throughout the equiment lifecycle – delivering savings up to 12% on TCO.

Green Power 2.0 modular UPS solutions – the Delphys Xtend GP- power blocks of 200KW up to 1200KW.

 Designed specifically for large data centres, the Delphys Xtend GP provides a scalable high performance system that can be built-up in power blocks of 200KW up to 1200KW.

The simple Cable In / Cable Out (I/O) architecture simplifies upstream and downstream switchboards. This flexibility allows more effective use of capital, as the system power can be matched to current demand, allowing investment in new power blocks to be made only when it is required.

As the system has been designed to allow the power blocks to be hot-swappable, if required, the load can be fully protected by on-line double conversion during system extension or maintenance. Manufactured in Europe, this prewired system has an individual Socomec switching system for each power block enabling easy and safe coupling and disconnection.

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