Vycon introduces eco-friendly flywheel system for mission critical power protection


Vycon, a designer and manufacturer of environmentally friendly, high-speed energy storage flywheel systems, has announced the addition of the VDC-XXT flywheel model to its VDC line of clean energy storage solutions for 24/7 power protection.

Paired with three-phase uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), the company claims that the patented flywheel technology provides a greener, cost-saving solution compared to UPSs that use lead-acid or lithium-ion batteries.

The new VDC-XXT 450kW system is supplied in the same slim 30” W x 30” D chassis as Vycon’s 300kW rated VDC-XXE model, offering one of the highest power densities in the industry. The capability of operating at temperatures of up to 104°F (40°C) with a 20-year operational life, results in substantial savings in cooling costs. Also, due to the smaller footprint than battery banks, valuable real estate is freed up for more profitable data centre and critical process equipment.

Like Vycon’s other VDC models, upon a power failure, the VDC-XXT will supply seamless DC energy allowing the UPS to transfer to a facility’s backup generators upon a utility power outage.

For applications without an engine generator-set or for customers who still want to use batteries, the VDC-XXT can easily operate in parallel with batteries. In this configuration called “battery hardening,” the VDC is the first line of defence against power disturbances – saving the batteries for prolonged power outages. By absorbing the power anomalies, the VDC systems significantly increase battery life by handling over 98 percent of the discharge cycles that can dramatically shorten useful battery life.

Reliability, efficiency, cooling issues, space constraints, recurring battery costs, and environmental issues are the prime drivers for implementing flywheel energy storage. Vycon’s VDC-XXT is an environmentally friendly high-speed flywheel that provides clean ride-through backup power that is fast, predictable and seamless.  Providing a lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) than traditional UPS systems with batteries; data centres, hospitals, broadcast facilities, and other mission critical applications depend on Vycon’s flywheel systems to provide reliable and environmentally friendly energy storage.


  1. This is the third time round the same block for flywheels. When will the ’10s vs 10 minutes’ argument die? There is no doubting the technology works but it is complicated and the short runtime is not what most customers want to buy. Look at Pentadyne, Beacon and even Active Power – products that work well but cant be sold for a premium. Is it right to say that Vycon only survived ‘so far’ due to applications outside of data centres?

  2. One of VYCON’s VDC-XXT flywheel systems can provide up to 15 seconds of ride-through time at a load of 350KW providing plenty of time to seamlessly switch to the facility’s generators. Compared to unpredictable lead-acid batteries, VYCON’s scalable and highly-efficient flywheels have a lower cost of ownership as battery maintenance, space, cooling and disposal issues are costly. Over time, each VYCON VDC flywheel system deployed saves datacenter customers over $200,000 when compared to using valve-regulated lead-acid (VRLA) batteries.

  3. I do not dispute the sales arguments – but only the chance of selling them in quantity to the data centre clients. Selling 15s is NOT easy.


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