White paper answers key questions on Li-ion


A new White Paper from Schneider Electric offers a comprehensive guide to lithium-ion technologies and the capabilities associated with their deployment in UPS systems. 

The white paper, FAQs for Using Lithium-ion Batteries with a UPS, provides key guidance on essential topics concerning Li-ion batteries in a question-and-answer format. It begins with a brief description and comparison of the essential science underlying both Li-ion and VRLA chemistry and continues to describe variations in available Li-ion batteries, including how they can best be deployed within specific data centre applications. 

The paper discusses how use of Li-ion delivers a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) through its longer lifecycle, greater tolerance to high operating temperatures and ease of maintenance. 

Due to their chemical composition, they do not contain hazardous materials, as do lead-acid batteries, allowing them to be discarded more easily after use without damaging the environment. 

As their use gains in popularity and perhaps becomes more regulated, it is expected that more sustainable opportunities will evolve to recycle used large format Li-ion batteries and recover the materials contained within. 

Depending on the design configuration of a UPS, it may also be possible to substitute Li-ion batteries for the existing VRLA units with only a change in firmware required. However, this will depend on other elements of the UPS such as the inverter, charger and mechanical design being compatible with the different batteries. 

FAQs for Using Lithium-ion Batteries with a UPS is available by visiting: http://www.apc.com/wp?wp=231


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