World in union: Powering the Rugby World Cup


    Aggreko is providing reliable power for the Rugby World Cup in Japan, ensuring uninterrupted enjoyment of one of the biggest tournaments in history…

    The Rugby World Cup is being held in Asia for the first time in 2019, marking a historic year for both the host nation, Japan, and the sport. With 1.8 million tickets available for the event, 600,000 of which have been purchased by international fans, this year’s tournament is set to be one of the biggest ever. 

    With spectators travelling to Japan from more than 170 countries to attend matches live, and millions more watching the action at home, the need for reliable power is a priority. Fans expect to be able to enjoy the tournament without interruption, whether they are in the stadium or watching in their living rooms.

    Drawing on its experience in delivering major events globally, Aggreko was appointed to provide power to the 12 match venues as well as the contracts to power both the international broadcast centre – which will provide television and digital coverage to a record global audience – and the domestic broadcast centre. 

    Aggreko is no stranger to the challenges associated with powering high-profile, global events. In the past year alone, it has deployed solutions to power Glastonbury, golf’s Open championship and Solheim Cup, and the Commonwealth Games, to name just a few. That said, each event presents its own unique challenges, careful planning and bespoke solutions. 

    Aggreko has worked in close partnership with the Rugby World Cup organisers in order to deliver reliable and efficient power that meets their needs and priorities. 

    With the tournament taking place at 12 separate venues across the length and breadth of Japan over a six-week period, the event itself provides a significant logistical test. The venues span a distance of more than 2,000km, with each having unique environmental challenges. Each individual site also needs to have the right infrastructure and requires engineers to be on hand 24/7 to manage any potential issues as and when they arise. 

    Many of the stadia are also located in densely populated, urban areas. To address the concerns of the event organisers, Aggreko had to consider how it would reduce the noise of the equipment being deployed. 

    Coupled with these challenges has been the need to identify solutions that meet strict Japanese regulatory standards. When scoping out the project, Aggreko also had to ensure that the equipment would abide by the specific permanent venue restrictions, which differed from stadium to stadium. 

    Power solution 

    Aggreko approaches each project with fresh thinking – the same solution is never deployed twice. Its team of skilled engineers recognise the priorities and differences for each project and create bespoke solutions to suit specific needs.

    Over the course of the tournament, Aggreko is deploying a total of 32.5 MVA across the 12 venues and broadcast centre. This involves the deployment of 71 generators, serviced by 615 distribution panels and 1,250 transformers. To support the generators, Aggreko has moved its specialist fleet of distribution cable from its Dubai hub and supplemented this with in-country transformers to meet local voltage requirements.


    Aggreko has been also been tasked with increasing overall fuel efficiency. Measures have been put in place to optimise the running hours of equipment, to optimise usage and improve consumption levels throughout the tournament. 

    With noise reduction a priority for the tournament organisers, Aggreko deployed exhaust attenuators and noise curtains at two of the stadia located in densely populated areas. Aggreko’s team has created tailored, flexible power solutions for the Rugby World Cup, taking into consideration the specific requirements of the site.


    As with any project, as much as you plan, there are always unexpected hurdles to overcome along the way. While the Rugby World Cup has been no exception, Aggreko’s team has ensured it has worked closely with the tournament organisers to deliver the most suitable and efficient power packages.

    The meticulous planning that has been undertaken by Aggreko during the past 12 months means that the Rugby World Cup will be enjoyed by fans across the world without any disruption.


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