Ylem Energy chooses Origami’s platform to support flexible energy solutions


Ylem Energy, a leader in smart energy generation and management solutions, has selected Origami’s technology to provide real-time, remote monitoring and automated control that will support its behind-the-meter optimisation solutions. Access to the Origami platform also enables Ylem’s customers to participate in energy flexibility markets.

Ylem Energy specialises in the provision of fully-financed smart, flexible energy generation and storage systems that can optimise a customer’s supply, increase reliability and generate new sources of revenue.

Ian Gadsby, Managing Director at Ylem Energy said, “We are constantly developing our flexible generation and storage technologies to benefit our customers and offer the grid more resilience. Through the Origami platform, our customers will be able to control and schedule the availability of onsite generation and storage assets in order to reduce their energy costs, increase the reliability of their supply and generate new sources of revenue. Origami provides us with a technology platform to help deliver innovative customer solutions in the rapidly evolving energy market. Increasingly, the timing of energy use is becoming more important than the quantity of energy used.”

Peter Bance, Chief Executive Officer of Origami said: “We are delighted to partner with Ylem Energy and help them support their innovative customer propositions. We see an increasing number of valuable use cases deployed on the Origami platform. These utilise real-time monitoring and control, and support improved decision making around how and when energy is consumed and generated. Technology is key to ensuring that energy assets are used to their optimal potential.”


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